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 Orientation to The Judgement Room

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PostSubject: Orientation to The Judgement Room   Fri Jan 06, 2017 12:47 pm

May we look down upon you and smile.

As anyone who lives in the world of RAGNAROK will tell you, becoming a member requires just a little bit of masochism on the part of the player. The intent of The Judgement Room is to bring members into the approval process of a member, as well as evaluate their merits whilst they do their time in a Safe Haven before being released into the wilds.

I will post the information that an applicant has put before me anonymously. From there they will need three sponsors, or people who reply to that information that they would like to see more from this person.

If a person is approved, that post will be used to address any positive or negative actions that new member makes, in order to judge their value to the community.

Upon final judgement and release from Safe Haven, the post will be deleted.
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Orientation to The Judgement Room
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